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How Clicker Training Works For Dogs

There are many different methods to training one of them is Clicker training. What is this? ……An animal trainer called Karen Pryor came up with the idea of using a signal to tell the animal when it had done a great job. This is where the clicker came in!

The Sound of the click is to identify accurately, the specific achievement for which it would now get a great reward which becomes a marker for your dog.  So basically when your dog does the behaviour you want them too they will start to associate the click with positive association.

It can be used not only to teach dogs to respond to cues with basic behaviours like ‘sit’ or ‘down’ but also to teach dogs to carry out behaviours that they would never do naturally such as turning on light switches which would be done via shaping the behaviour.

Always make sure that you have plenty of treats at the ready for training sessions!

Be aware that some dogs can find the click sound daunting at first so you might have to muffle the click to begin with such as covering with a cloth or click in your pocket.

Clickers can be purchased at most pet stores and online some links below:

Trixie Dog Activity Target Stick

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