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Puppy Training

by Natalie Kaye

We have made it simple to understand and easy to learn all of the major hurdles and foundations that your new family member needs and goes through, to have the best start in this big world.
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Puppy Training Services - Dog Training by NK9

What Does Our Puppy Training Cover?

The puppy training that we provide is based on the latest methods using positive reinforcement, helping you get avoid old practices or less desirable ways of guiding your puppy’s behaviour.

Not only do we ensure our puppy training results in your dog being happy and smart, our methods are taught in a way that keeps the training fun, engaging and rewarding for all of the family.

Alongside the main puppy training process, we also cover how to build a positive relationship between you and your puppy, covering socialisation, good behaviours & habits, fun play-time games and enrichment, leading through to the start of basic obedience training.

See Puppy Training & Classes In Action

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Puppy Training Categories and Benefits

Throughout our puppy training, you can expect to see the following:

Obedience Training

This main part handles commands and tasks for your dog, including: Sitting, Laying, Middle, Touch, Recall Skills, Emergency Stops, Leave It, Chin, Come, Lead Training, Walking Skills, Reflex to Name, Tuck.

Puppy Training Basics

Going through the normal behaviours, understanding why they do certain things i.e nipping, biting, chasing, growling, jumping up, chewing .etc

Learning Games

Easy learning in a game-based environment to keep it fun and engaging for yourself and your puppy, this brings great results and combines fun with training.

Weekly Enrichment (Bonus)

Enrichment activities to add to your dogs daily routine, encouraging mental stimulation whilst giving them something meaningful and challenging to do, this removes boredom and alleviates many behaviour issues.

Hear what others say about NK9 Dog Training

Tasha Attwood

"Natalie is a fantastic Trainer. I have seen her blossom so much this year. She is kind and conscientious. She cares deeply and it shows. 

She is multitalented and I can't wait to host her next year in Lincolnshire for a Canine Hoopers and Parkour Workshop.

Natalie is kind to those in the Industry also and is so supportive. She is a rare gem and as a fellow Trainer and Behaviourist, I highly recommend Natalie. I wish I lived closer to work with her and have my own Dogs attend her classes 💜"

Amanda Vrahlioti

"My Rupert was a little ball of energy, with little or few manners. A few sessions of one to one with Natalie and he’s a different dog, he totally loves the new things she teaches him.

Natalie is very knowledgable and shares some wonderful ways and ideas on how to get the best out of your fur babies, I would highly recommend her one to one sessions.

My Rupert loves to see her and is making a perfect doggy, so many people have commented on how well he’s behaving these days.Thanks Natalie 🐶😉"

Caitlyn Varley

"My very hyperactive puppy attended the 5 Week Puppy Course with Natalie and they were super. Learned lots of helpful stuff such as sit, lay, middle, stop and the one we needed the most was toilet training bell tricks.

Fudges general recall to her name has also come on loads since these sessions. You also get sent away with a summary of the sessions with instructions and things you’ve learnt to ensure you can practice them at home which is really helpful. Natalie is such a lovely tutor, so down to earth and energetic, she also takes the time to get to know every little pup. Thank you lovely lady! ❤️"

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