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About Natalie Kaye

Natalie Kaye provides the uttermost care & support when it comes to canine training.
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Hello there!

I'm Natalie Kaye,

Over the years, I have completed many courses to ensure that my dog trainer skills are industry leading. The training approach I use in group classes and private training will certaintly bring your dog speedy results.

What can you expect from training with Natalie Kaye?
Not only will you meet a skilled local dog trainer of canines all ages and sizes, you can experience a friendly, approachable and honest person who has a huge passion for dogs from all walks of life.

I have spent years studying and implementing a huge variety of skills ranging from diet & nutrition, behaviour & phobias, obedience training through to canine first aid and PTSD in dogs. This certainly shows through my results and client success stories.

What is the mission and aim of NK9 Dog Training?
Our mission here at NK9 is to help every dog and their owner have a stronger bond by teaching and applying techniques that bring out the best in the dogs behaviour. A smart & healthy dog is a happy dog.

The reason I launched the dog training business was mainly because I wanted to take my passion for dog training further and serve my local city (Leeds) and surrounding areas (Halifax & more). I had many locals asking how I managed to bring such great obedience to my dogs, to which I offered to help them and the word slowly got out.

Does NK9 use positive reinforcement in training?
I believe the best way to get the most out of training is to use positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement is the addition of a reinforcing stimulus following a behaviour that makes it more likely that the behaviour will occur again in the future.

When a favourable outcome or reward occurs after an action, that response or behaviour will be strengthened.

Some of our Favourite Memories at NK9

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Certifications, Education & Training

As a highly qualified dog trainer, I am here to help your dog thrive with all of the latest practices in training and behaviour.
Level 3 Puppy Training
Canine First Aid & CPR
Level 3 Canine Nutrition
Level 3 Canine Well Being
Recall & Loose Lead Toolkit Course
Canine Anxiety Course
IMDT Impulse Control
IMDT Perfect Puppy Foundations
IMDT Canine Body Language
IMDT Noise Sensitivity & Phobias
IMDT 4 Day Practical Instructor Course
IMDT Canine Aggression & Rehabilitation
IMDT Exercises: Foundations to Advanced
IMDT Therapy Dogs PTSD
Dog Parkour UK Instructor
Dog Parkour Accredited Evaluator
Natures Menu Raw Food Advisor
Natures Menu Raw Food Expert
Canine Hooper World Instructor
Talking Dog – Puppy Scentwork
IMDT 6 Months Methodology (Understanding & Working with Canine Behavior)
Over the last decade, we have provided services from multi level dog training to family events, classes & workshops.
Google Reviews 5 Star NK9
  • Just finished the obedience course with buddy! Absolutely fantastic course, so helpful and has calmed buddy down a lot. He even comes back off the lead now whereas before he would just run away. Learned all the basic commands, sit, down and to stay etc. We all really enjoyed it and have learned skills for life now. I enjoy walking and training him more than ever. Also learned some new games to play to keep him entertained at home.

    Natalie is very talented and she is so friendly and helps you through every step. The relationship she has with the dogs is mesmerising, absolutely fantastic! Think we may do the advanced course in the future too as well as enrichment games 💖💖 Highly recommend, thank you so much, you have changed our relationship with our bud ❤️
    Leigh De Luca Garside
    Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.
  • My very hyperactive puppy attended the 5 week puppy course with Natalie and they were super. Learned lots of helpful stuff such as sit, lay, middle, stop and the one we needed the most was toilet training bell tricks.

    Fudges general recall to her name has also come on loads since these sessions
    You also get sent away with a summary of the sessions with instructions and things you’ve learnt to ensure you can practice them at home which is really helpful.

    Natalie is such a lovely tutor, so down to earth and energetic, she also takes the time to get to know every little pup. Thank you lovely lady!
    Caitlyn Varley
    Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.
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