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7 Things To Do With Your Dog In 2020

  1. Take up a new dog sport or activity there are lots that can be suitable for all breeds and ages such as Hoopers and Dog Parkour.
  2. Take some dog classes - it doesn’t matter if there 12 weeks or 12 years you should take the time to strengthen your bond and get them minds working.
  3. Explore new walks- there are plenty of parks and dog friendly places do some research and think outside the box your dog likes exploring new places just as much as us.
  4. Start to use interactive toys - exercise those brains, it doesn’t have to be expensive either, there are plenty of homemade makes that are just as good!
  5. Attend a dog event! There are plenty around fun dog shows, charity walks I great way to meet new friends.
  6. Go on holiday with your dog! There are plenty of dog friendly places to stay!
  7. Feed your dog in a different way- ditch those bowls and think of different ways wether that be training, scatter feeding, hiding it this can help improve behaviour and makes meal times less dull and longer lasting.
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