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Halti Training Lead NK9 Natalie Kaye

Why Halti Training Leads Are Recommended For Your Dog

Halti training leads have many benefits and functions it’s a great tool for your training journey. This lead is a great tool to lower confusion and have one item that does everything you need. The short length is ideal for heel-work training, medium length for obedience training and the long length for recall and distance work.

  • Rings for versatile lead length (three lengths in total)
  • Can be used to walk 2 dogs at the same time
  • Can be used for hands free walks
  • Easy tethering

They come in different sizes here are some examples of breed specific to help identify the best size for your dog:

Small - 15mm - Spaniel, Boxer, Terrier

Large - 25mm - Labrador, Rottweiler & Larger

For help introducing the Halti training lead into your daily training and walking routine contact me for more information.  There are a number of exercises that can be introduced to improve your dog’s well being and improve your bond.

To see more about this product, view it here on Amazon

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