Why Your Dog Would Love A Snuffle Mat

Your dog’s nose and brain were made to hunt, track, burrow, sniff, and snort. They were made to WORK! Nose work or snuffling capitalises on this natural desire to sniff. Snuffle Mats are an interactive enrichment puzzle, used to help refine search and find skills along with many positive results including;

Use your dog’s daily food allowance if fed on a dry diet, or use chopped up carrot or apple if concerned about calorie intake.  This treat mat doesn’t just have to be used with treats!

There are various different types of snuffle mats available on the market from basic to advance. Get them noses working!

Zicosy Snuffle Mat for Dogs- Feeding Mat for Dogs - Grey Feeding Mat

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Pidsen Dog Yummy Mat Pet Snuffle Cushion Training Feeding Stress Release Pad

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Is My Dog Too Old To Be Training?

Is My Dog Too Old To Be Training?

I hear this every day, the statement “my dog is too old to do training” – Wrong! You've no doubt heard the adage, “You can't teach an old dog new tricks.” Well this is false you can there is no age limit on learning. Human don’t stop learning so why should your dog!  Your dog might not be able to jump through hoops of run an agility trial but then can still learn new stuff, and as dog owners we should be investing time into the continuing development of our paw pals.  We need to drop the stigma and start focusing on introducing positive training into older dog’s lives.

If your goal is to change behaviour the dog has been exhibiting for a number of years the challenge will be greater than if you’re simply teaching new behaviour. Changing long-held classically conditioned (emotional) responses is likely to be more challenging than teaching new operantly conditioned responses. But as owners we should be investing this time to improve the bond and work on the behaviours we desire.

How to get started

Start with the basics and build your way up, starting with the following is a good foundation.

Start training at home in an environment that has low distraction such as your garden or in the home this will help with focus. Once you have worked on the following at home you can then build up distraction such as practicing in the park or when you have family round.  Below is the dogs learning phases to help illustrate how dogs learn to aid your training journey.

Make sure you have lots of tasty treats to reinforce the behaviours and have fun and enjoy your bonding time!

Whether your dog is 10 months old or 10 years old, it's never too late to start training!

Why Halti Training Leads Are Recommended For Your Dog

Halti Training Lead NK9 Natalie Kaye

Why Halti Training Leads Are Recommended For Your Dog

Halti training leads have many benefits and functions it’s a great tool for your training journey. This lead is a great tool to lower confusion and have one item that does everything you need. The short length is ideal for heel-work training, medium length for obedience training and the long length for recall and distance work.

They come in different sizes here are some examples of breed specific to help identify the best size for your dog:

Small - 15mm - Spaniel, Boxer, Terrier

Large - 25mm - Labrador, Rottweiler & Larger

For help introducing the Halti training lead into your daily training and walking routine contact me for more information.  There are a number of exercises that can be introduced to improve your dog’s well being and improve your bond.

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